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Blueprint for a Sustainable Future                                 Little Dot Studios/CNBC Three
2x15’ Documentary
Adobe Premiere Offline. Doc Series exploring the impact of climate change during the energy crisis.
Director: Henry Langston, Executive Producer: Gala Carr

Fresh Cuts: Slam Dunk                                                    MultiStory Media/ITV1
1x45’ Documentary
Avid Offline. Documentary exploring the rise of 3x3 basketball in the UK.
Director: David Adeyemi, Executive Producer: Lara Akeju

The One Show                                                                 BBC One
2x5’ Documentary
Avid Offline. Documentary inserts for The One Show about BBC 100 Years.
Director: Nathan Lord, Production Coordinator: Dawn MacDonald

Sound Off!                                                                       BBC Studios/Funny Parts Channel
8x5’ Factual Entertainment
Adobe Premiere Offline. Quirky show with standup comedians trying to make each other laugh.
Director: Paddy Hughes Executive Producer: Hannah Wesson

Hack Attack                                                                     BBC Studios/Funny Parts Channel
1x10’ Factual Entertainment
Adobe Premiere Offline. Game Show with celebrities getting their phones hacked and secrets exposed.
Director: Paddy Hughes, Executive Producer: Hannah Wesson

Metallica: Nothing Else Matters                                     Mercury Studios/Universal Music
1x5’ Documentary
Avid Offline. Short Documentary about Metallica’s superfans and their personal connection to the band.
Executive Producer: Frank MacDonald

Hot Property Celeb Edition                                            BBC Studios/BBC Three
4x30’ Factual Entertainment
Adobe Premiere Offline. Ultimate wingman Yung Filly helps singletons snoop around the homes of potential partners.
Director: Jim Ashley, Executive Producer: James Corbin